Top 3 Historic Destinations in Clarksburg

Clarksburg is located in the Harrison County of West Virginia, United States. It has been named as Small City of the Year by the National League of Cities in 2011 and has a total population of 89,718 as of 2019. The first-ever known visitor of Clarksburg was John Simpson who located his camp along the West Fork River in 1764. The Oak mounds located on the outskirts of Clarksburg were created by the Hopewell culture mound-builders between 1-1000 CE.

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Simpson Creek Covered Bridge

Simpson Creek Covered Bridge is a 14.25 wide and 75-foot long multiple kingpost truss bridge located in Bridgeport, West Virginia. This bridge was constructed in 1881 by Asa Hugill and crosses the Simpson Creek off Meadowbrook Road next to the entrance of the Meadowbrook Mall. The bridge has a significant importance today because it is the only remaining covered bridge in the Harrison County of truss design.


Simpson Creek

Simpson Creek is a tributary Creek situated on the West Fork River, north ce4ntral West Virginia. It is a 28-mile-long Creek named after John Simpson, a hunter and trapper who left his name after building and living in a cabin for several months in 1764. This creek forms part of the watershed of the Mississippi River that drains up to 73 sq. miles of the unglaciated areas of the Allegheny Plateau.

The Empire National Bank of Clarksburg

The Empire National Bank of Clarksburg is one of the oldest buildings in Clarksburg that opened in 1903. It is an architectural beauty and a historical landmark.

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