Best Eco Resorts Not to Miss out in Brazil

Brazil is a natural paradise and this is best described by the amount of diversity it holds. From picturesque mountains, tropical dense forest to crystal clear sandy beaches, Brazil is home to all. Brazil is also home to some of the best eco-resorts surrounded by wild jungles, sun-kissed shores where you can have a multitude of outdoor activities.

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Narrow down your searches with the list we have prepared below:


Araras Eco Lodge: Araras Eco Lodge is located in Pantanal and is surrounded by natural beauty everywhere. The lodge is a prime location for bird watching and animal watching in their natural habitat. This lodge has been constructed with the mission of conserving and preserving the local wildlife while providing its visitors with plenty of outdoor activities.

Itamambuca Eco Resort: Itamambuca Eco Resort is located within the Atlantic Forest and is most notable for its diverse selection of wildlife. This eco-resort allows its visitors to swim and play with dolphins, stingrays, turtles, and other species of fish.

Zagaia Eco Resort: Zagaia Eco Resort is located in Mato Grosso do Sul Bonito town of Zagaia. This resort has large spacious rooms, gardens and serves amazing Brazilian dishes. The resort has been established as a tribute to the Kadiweu people. From crystal clear pools, interesting caves, stunning scenery, this resort provides ample opportunities to engage in different outdoor activities.

Tropical Manaus Eco Resort: Tropical Manaus Eco Resort is located on the banks of Rio Negro. This resort is surrounded by a lush green forest with incredible wildlife experiences.

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