9 Interesting Facts About Cairo Egypt You Should Know

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9 Interesting Facts about Cairo Egypt you should know:

1.         Cairo is one of the largest capital cities of Egypt and in the Arab world with over 20 million populations. It is the largest city in the Middle East, in Africa, and the 6th largest in the world.

2.         Cairo is renowned for its Giza pyramid complex and the historic city of Memphis.

3.         Cairo is situated near the Nile Delta and it was founded in 969 AD by the Fatimid dynasty.

4.         Cairo has been named as the city of a thousand minarets owing to its preponderance of Islamic architecture and it is also considered as a World city with a Beta+ classification.

5.         Caro is home to one of the oldest and the largest music and film industries in the world.

6.         Cairo Metro is one of the only two metro systems in Africa with more than 1 billion riders every year.

7.         The origins of modern Cairo can be traced back to the 4th century.

8.         Cairo is home to the Babylon fortress which is the oldest structure-the nucleus for the Romans and the Byzantine city.

9.         Some of the most popular attractions in Cairo include- Giza Necropolis, the Egyptian Museum, Khan e Khalili, Salem street, Cairo tower, the hanging church, etc.

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3 Unmissable Attractions in Ghana worth Exploring at Least Once

Some of the most Unmissable Attractions in Ghana include Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Coastal, Aburi Botanical garden, Mole National park, Elmina Castle, Labadi beach, etc.

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Here are 3 Unmissable Attractions in Ghana worth exploring at least once

Kakum National Park: Kakum National Park is located in the Central region of Ghana and it was established in 1931. It stretches for 375 sq. km and in 1992 it was gazetted as a national park. This park is largely dominated by a tropical forest and is amongst one of the only 3 locations in Africa which features a canopy walkway. Kakum National park is blessed with some of the most amazing flora and fauna and is home to wild species like the giant bongo antelope, Diana monkey, African elephant, yellow-backed duiker, etc.

Cape Coast Castle: Cape Coast Coastal consists of 40 slave castles, a large commercial for along the Gold Coast, West Africa by the Europe4an traders. It was established in 1555 and originally a center for trading timber and gold. Later it was converted into a trans-Atlantic slave trade Centre to hold slaves before they were transported and sold in the Americas.

Aburi Botanical Garden: Aburi Botanical garden is located on the east of South Ghana and stretches for 64.8 hectares. This botanical garden was opened in March 1890 and was founded by Governor William Brandford and Dr. John Farrell Easmon. Aburi Botanical garden is notable for making a significant contribution in encouraging cocoa production with scientific methods. For complete travel information, you can check out Delta Airlines Official Site today.

Everything You Need To Know About Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Here’s Everything you need to know about Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

  1. Milwaukee is one of the largest cities in Wisconsin and the 5th largest city n Midwestern United States located along the western shores of Lake Michigan.
  2. It is the 31st largest city in the-United States and the main centre for culture, arts, and economics of the Milwaukee metropolitan area.
  3. Milwaukee is also categorized as the “Gamma” global city according to the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.
  4. The earliest inhabitants of Milwaukee were the Algonquin and the Siouan people while the first European to pass through the area were the French Catholic Jesuits who ministered to fur traders and native Americans.
  1. Milwaukee is also well known for its brewing traditions that all started with the arrival of the Germans.
  2. Milwaukee attracted a large number of African Americans during the mid20th century during the Great Migration and also a fraction of Russians, eastern Europeans who migrated in 1990 after the end of Cold War.
  3. Milwaukee hosts several international events and concerts like the Summerfest which is the largest music festival in the world and it was also named as the coolest city in the Midwest according to Vogue Magazine.
  4. Some of the major tourist attraction in Milwaukee include Milwaukee Art Museum, Harley Davidson Museum, Milwaukee county Zoo, Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, Discovery World, Miller park and many more.
  5. Milwaukee experiences humid continental type of climate where summers are warm and humid while winters are cold, snowy, chilly and dry.  

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Top 3 Historic Destinations in Clarksburg

Clarksburg is located in the Harrison County of West Virginia, United States. It has been named as Small City of the Year by the National League of Cities in 2011 and has a total population of 89,718 as of 2019. The first-ever known visitor of Clarksburg was John Simpson who located his camp along the West Fork River in 1764. The Oak mounds located on the outskirts of Clarksburg were created by the Hopewell culture mound-builders between 1-1000 CE.

Narrow down your favorite attractions with the list we have made for you

Simpson Creek Covered Bridge

Simpson Creek Covered Bridge is a 14.25 wide and 75-foot long multiple kingpost truss bridge located in Bridgeport, West Virginia. This bridge was constructed in 1881 by Asa Hugill and crosses the Simpson Creek off Meadowbrook Road next to the entrance of the Meadowbrook Mall. The bridge has a significant importance today because it is the only remaining covered bridge in the Harrison County of truss design.


Simpson Creek

Simpson Creek is a tributary Creek situated on the West Fork River, north ce4ntral West Virginia. It is a 28-mile-long Creek named after John Simpson, a hunter and trapper who left his name after building and living in a cabin for several months in 1764. This creek forms part of the watershed of the Mississippi River that drains up to 73 sq. miles of the unglaciated areas of the Allegheny Plateau.

The Empire National Bank of Clarksburg

The Empire National Bank of Clarksburg is one of the oldest buildings in Clarksburg that opened in 1903. It is an architectural beauty and a historical landmark.

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